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"Cleaner Carpets That Dry In Half The Time"

Water Removal and Structural Drying

Structural drying is the the process of drying and cleaning up after considerable water intrusion from incidents such as a flood or broken pipes. M-M Carpet Cleaning of Bloomington IL offers structural drying as a way to eliminate the possibility of secondary damages from mold and bacteria. We use a drying process that includes proper water extraction, inspection, evaporation and dehumidification.

There are four main principles of the Vortex Drying System.

1.) Removing the excess water.

It is at least 500 times easier to physically remove water than to remove it with evaporation and dehumidification. The more water removed, the faster the structure will dry.


2.) Evaporation

The remaining water must be moved from the liquid state in the structural materials to a vapor state in the air via rapid and direct airflow. Never set up air flow without dehumidification.



This stage is designed just to remove water from the air.

4.) Temperature Control

both evaporation and dehumidification capabilities are greatly enhanced by controlling the temperature in a confined environment. The way you achieve this ideal temperature will vary with each job.

Of course there are many other considerations, but these are the basic principles, the core foundation, without which everything else is pointless.